Kundenbewertungen bieten den Fahrschülern auf der Suche nach der für sie passende Fahrschule viele Vorteile. Fahrschüler haben die Möglichkeit, Vertrauen in die Fahrschule oder die Dienstleistung aufzubauen. Bewertungen geben ihnen Orientierung und führen sie zu dem für sie geeignete Fahrschule. Das ist der Grund weshalb wir unsere Fahrschüler für eine offene und ehrliche Meinung belohnen.

"I got my driver's license at drive and more and was more than thrilled. Everything was always well organized "
Laura ru
"Didn't get a driver's license but got the crane license. Super cool course! Informative, lively and just plain great. Many greetings from Berlin"
Bernd Hempel
"Thank you for the quick process in acquiring the driver's license class C. Everyone tried very hard to complete this completely within 5-6 weeks, despite Corona. Many thanks also to Lothar for the practical driving lessons. It was a lot of fun and it was crowned with quick success. I am fully satisfied "
Stefan Hertle
"Super prepared despite the online lessons. There was a good learning atmosphere and the driving instructor was nice and courteous. I can only recommend!"
Fabian Höltker
"Very precise and informative lessons - without these lessons I honestly couldn't have passed my test. The car I've driven is modern, safe, and drives exactly as a beginner should learn. Was absolutely satisfied."
Cedric Blase
"Passed today "
Marcys Boxtempel
"Burkhard was such a good teacher, very helpful and encouraging. Makes it easier to learn all maneuvers. I would 100% recommend it. I passed my driving test on the first attempt! Thank you drive & more. You are the best!"
Hedi Freitag
"Besser geht es nicht! Die Fahrlehrer sind auf ihre Art und Weise jeder für sich top"
Sebastian Kreibich
"Great, highly recommended at any time"
Christoph Rips
"I acquired my A-Class through drive and more, Rheine, and I would like to thank you for the great training. Side tip: With Dirk Weernink you will do everything right when choosing a driving instructor!"
Andreas Neudachin