Kundenbewertungen bieten den Fahrschülern auf der Suche nach der für sie passende Fahrschule viele Vorteile. Fahrschüler haben die Möglichkeit, Vertrauen in die Fahrschule oder die Dienstleistung aufzubauen. Bewertungen geben ihnen Orientierung und führen sie zu dem für sie geeignete Fahrschule. Das ist der Grund weshalb wir unsere Fahrschüler für eine offene und ehrliche Meinung belohnen.

"Well, in retrospect it can be said that some advice is useless in traffic. E.g. in the first around the curve, as a small example."
Tien Dat
"I had an 8-day crash course for work. Despite all the learning and input, it was very relaxed and we showed a lot of patience. The crash course was run in collaboration with the Klaas company. Everything worked out fantastic. All the driving instructors were great. I would recommend it to everyone!"
Lukasz Maiwald
"It was a great experience to get my driver's license with you, everything went quickly and very well. Very good driving instructors and a lot of fun"
Moritz Feldmann
"Super driving school! The driving instructor was always helpful, hard-working and extremely personable. At drive and more I did the intensive course for the driver's license for classes C / CE. Highly recommended and gladly again!"
Fabian K.
"The class C was handled easily and confidently, the driving instructor was at your side with advice and action. Jokes and sympathies until the end of the exams!"
Marvin Schröer
"Online theory full of hammer with driver Niklas. I can only recommend. Even if the connection bugs now and then. But that is the smallest evil. "
Corinna Snater
"Everything perfect. First my brother passed the intensive course with driver Thorsten and now I too in the "normal speed" with driving instructor Lukas. Also in the organizational area there are no complaints. Everyone is incredibly nice, both in the office and in the office The driving instructor. Especially with Lukas I had a lot of fun and you could laugh a lot. He was also good at teaching and explaining driving to me, which meant that I had absolutely no problems in the test. So ... Drive and More is highly recommended!"
Bibi Otti
"Hi I passed my CE exam today and yesterday I passed the C with the theory. What can I say except thanks to the driving instructor. I arrived from Esslingen on Tuesday afternoon to get the driving license for class C and CE with the theory test by Friday. And it worked, it was tough and certainly not always easy and pleasant for the driving instructor, but with a lot of patience and calm it worked. Thanks for that!! The city hostel where I could stay for 3 nights was clean and the bed was a dream. I never slept as well in a 4 star hotel room in Berlin as I did here. I will definitely go back to Rheine with my wife and child and I will go to Hostel Wehlen. Thanks and keep it up"
Mihajel Vranic
"First of all: Great driving school with a great team! I got my motorcycle license there. The theory lessons impart the necessary knowledge. But not only was the subject dry, but also a lot of laughter, so that I always enjoyed going there. Lukas accompanied me through the practice. He was absolutely confident and patient when I couldn't get something done so quickly. He quickly took my insecurities away from me with his competent and humorous manner. Thank you very much for that !! :) was fun with you guys!"
Janina Spinelli
"Sehr super professioneller Fahrschule ☺️"
Sanaz Afshord